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    The new and popular 360° Lace Band is perfect for versatility. The lace band wraps around the perimeter of the head which optimizes styling options. This band has baby hairs in the front and back. It also features adjustable straps in the back for a secure fit. The dimensions of the band are 22.5 X 4 X 2.
    The circumference of the band is 22.5 inches. The frontal portion of the band has 4 inches of parting space. The nape of the band has 2 inches of parting space. The density is between 120-130%. This density will give a natural look and help minimize the amount of customization needed. 
    **To help preserve the hair and lace, it is recommended to use this product in the natural state. Bleaching the knots may cause excessive shedding and balding.**